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Take a trip through Africa. You can explore 43 countries within 8 regions and learn about their geography, language, traditions, culture and more!

African Americans in the Postal Service and Philately
The National Postal Museum celebrates African American history by providing online resources about the role of African Americans in the postal service and philately.

This Zoom School site offers a basic introduction to Canada -- it's explorers, animals, flags and more.

Map Library
This United Nations online database has many physically vibrant maps including city layouts and political, physical and theme maps. Features such as zoom-in and find, enhance details and usefulness.

National Geographic World
A kids' discovery magazine.

National Geographic Mapping
Many of the maps required for school assignments can be found here in a printer-friendly format. There is also an interactive learning museum to guide you through many expeditions undertaken by National Geographic Society.

Nova Scotia Playground
Need to know more about Nova Scotia? Check out this government website designed for kids who want to know more about where they live. This is a great spot for homework assignments about our province too!

Symbols of Canada
Check out this Heritage Canada site to find out about our national symbols and emblems, as well as the music of Canada.

Teachers' and Youth Web Corner - a Fun Path to Learning!
Come in and play games that will help you learn your school subjects in a fun way!

The Natural Wonders of the World
Visit some of the most amazing natural phenomena around the world. From Ayers Rock in Australia to the Northern Lights, you will be dazzled.

Viola Irene Desmond — 2015 Honouree, Nova Scotia Heritage Day
Nova Scotia Archives digital collection recognizing Viola Irene Desmond (née Davis, 1914-1965), an African Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged the province's systemic racial discrimination of the time in an incident which began at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow in 1946, and ended in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia the following year.

World Flag Database
Contains "over 260 pages on countries and international organizations. Each page contains basic information on the country, including its formal name, capital city, area, population, currency, languages, and religions. The flags include the national and state flags, ensigns, and sub-national flags."

World Maps
Pick your country and view maps including historical and political versions of some of your favourite places.